Single Tooth Implant

Single-tooth implant restorations are individual units that usually replace a single missing front or back tooth.

Unlike in a bridge where adjacent natural teeth need to be trimmed to replace the missing teeth, an implant restoration will not require the use of adjacent teeth for support.

When can u get single implants?

Good gum health.
Acceptable overall general health.
Single missing front or back tooth.
Sufficient space for one crown.
Sufficient width and length for placing the implant.



Replacing missing teeth has never been as easy as it is now. Tooth Docs provides quality Dental Implant Treatment Options at affordable rates.  Get your Dental Implants done at the Best Dental Implant Clinic in Hyderabad. The closest to a natural teeth is a Dental Implant , however not all Dental Implants work for everyone. Owing to the cost, in India, Dental Implants are still a distant dream for many.

How is a dental implant picked?

Ideally the type/brand of Dental Implant should be selected based on your General Health , Habits and Bone Quality.  Automatically the cost of implants vary.


Reasons for cost variation in Dental Implants?

  •  Premium brands use high quality coating material over the basic titanium implant to ensure good acceptance by the patient , which is lacking in cheaper or basic implants.
  • Premium brands of dental implants have extensive R &D to supporttheir quality and have a higher success rate and work a lifetime.
  • Skill and technique of placement differs. Basic implant are priced starting 20,000 onwards. (Norris, Adin)Mid range implants with good long term studied and success rate start at35,000 onwards (Osstem)

Premium and the best implants range between 45,000- 70,000 (Straumann, Nobel Bio-care)

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