Dental Cysts & Tumors

What are dental cysts?

It is a fluid-filled sac of tissue in your gums and/or jawbone. Most of the times cysts are found on routine dental checkups and may not be painful.

The most common types are

Periapical cysts: arise from a long-standing neglected tooth infection.
Dentigerous cysts- form around impacted wisdom teeth.

What problems can dental cysts cause?

Cysts formed around infections cause pain and/or swelling.
Weakening of the jawbone due to expansion of the cyst.
Migration of teeth due to pushing force by the growing cyst.
Symptomless dental cysts can remain undetected for months or years.

How will you know if you have a dental cyst?

Small cysts are seen on the X-ray.
Larger cysts may cause-
Facial swelling
Migration of teeth in the mouth. After initial diagnosis, a confirmation may be obtained with the help of a biopsy.

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