Dentin Hypersensitivity

What is hypersensitivity?

Teeth have three layers

Enamel– that is the strongest part of the human body
Dentin–  makes up for the bulk of the tooth structure. It is softer than enamel.
Pulp – this carries the blood supply to the tooth.

When does dentin sensitivity occur?

In the first layer of the tooth, the enamel is resistant to mechanical, thermal, and tactile perceptions.

When enamel wears away dentin is exposed. This layer is made up of dentin that has many tubules. These tubules carry fluids within them. These exposed dentin tubules respond to thermal, chemical, and tactile changes. As your teeth come in contact with sweet/ anything cold the sudden movement of fluid within the dentinal tubules causes severe sensitivity/pain.

Lasers for Hypersensitivity?

When is dentin exposed leading to hypersensitivity?

Toothbrush abrasion
The severe wearing of upper surfaces of teeth due to teeth grinding habits
Severe gastritis
Heavy consumption of carbonated drinks
Pan/gutka chewing

How does the laser work on sensitive teeth?

Seal the exposed surfaces of dentinal tubules by breaking down and solidifying dentin to form a barrier. ( Er, YSGG laser)
Blocking dentin tubules by the formation of reparative dentin (( Nd: YAG laser)
Vaporization of dentinal fluid ( Er, Cr. YSGG laser)
Provide analgesic effect by blocking the nerve transmission.

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