The tooth is made up of three layers – Enamel, Dentin, and Pulp.


Enamel is the most complex structure in the human body. Around the teeth, it acts like a Shield protecting the other two layers.

Dentin forms the bulk of tooth structure, tubular (like pipes) in internal structure, and carries fluids. This fluid moves in and around to external stimuli like hot cold food, dental fillings, and air.

Pulp- is the innermost layer of the tooth. It is made of blood vessels that carry blood supply to the tooth.

Pain that arises from Exposed Dentin (or the second layer of the tooth) when teeth come in contact with thermal (hot/cold food), touch stimulus or even air is Dentin Hypersensitivity/ tooth sensitivity.

Why does the second layer of tooth or dentin get exposed?

  • Excessive and hard teeth brushing technique- wear away the first layer ( enamel, exposing dentin)
  • Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and carbonated drinks ( chemical wear)
  • Use of abrasive tooth powders/ pastes
  • Loss of gum due to gum disease-exposing the root area of the tooth
  • Smokeless tobacco chewers
  • People with severe gastritis.

How to CONTROL or ELIMINATE Dentin Hypersensitivity/ Teeth Sensitivity?

2-4 weeks after at-home therapies, the degree of sensitivity would be re-investigated.

If the pain still existed, the patient should start the next phase of the treatment at our Dental Clinic for the best possible outcome.

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