Invisalign is a brand that provides clear aligner therapy which is an alternative to conventional braces. It is widely used for kids, teens, and adults

Is there a difference between Invisalign and other Aligner companies out in the market?

How there are a billion brands of a particular product like shampoo, a skin care appliance, or even cars for that matter there are a billion kinds of brands of Invisible Braces/ Clear Aligners in the market today. Like everything else, it definitely is confusing to pick the best brand for you.

Picking a Local Brand majorly depends on what your Dentist / Orthodontist practices.

The basic difference between INVISALIGN and other ALIGNER BRANDS

  • It is a DOCTOR-PLANNED TREATMENT and not delivered to your doorstep or sold online
  • Only a CERTIFIED INVISALIGN PROVIDER can deliver this treatment to you.
  • Invisalign is time tested with PROVEN CLINICAL STUDIES therefore it obviously works better ( the more clinical studies there are to support a particular product, the more we incline towards it because of results)
  • SmartTrack™ material – medical grade polyurethane plastic specifically made to move teeth 50% FASTER and with 75%
    PREDICTABILITY in movement. It provides uniform low-intensity movement which is safe and precise. ( Invisalign is the only brand that uses this material)
  • Real-time app-based system which also gives you reminders about changing your aligner sets on time and tracks your progress.
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But why is Invisalign’s Cost higher compared to the rest?

Now would you ask why there is a price difference between a high-end car like a Mercedes and a Maruthi?

Cost depends upon the material used to make a car, the comfort in it, and the technology that goes behind making it.

Likewise, for aligner brands as well as Cost changes with materials used, software used, the planning that goes into it, and most importantly the amount of correction, you need for a proper teeth alignment.

So how to decide to pick Invisalign over other brands?

  • Get yourself evaluated with us to check the amount of correction you need. Really simple changes are what you need, although accuracy is
    the best with Invisalign you can still consider opting for cheaper variants.
  • Get a Preliminary Scan with Invisalign costing ₹5000 (non-refundable) to see how many sets of aligners you may need to get the exact costing for your treatment
  • Most importantly clear aligners are a once-in-a-lifetime treatment that is irreversible so it is worth investing in your smile now for a
    lifetime result.
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