Preventive Orthodontics

It is a myth that orthodontic treatment/ braces are only given to teenagers/ adults.

The truth is children should undergo an orthodontic evaluation before they turn 7 years old. Malocclusion/bad bite can be identified as early as when the child is 2 years old.

Preventive orthodontics is usually applied used 2-6 years of age even before any signs of misalignment appear in the oral cavity.

Interceptive Orthodontics

Early orthodontic treatment/interceptive treatment is done when some of the primary teeth are still present in the mouth.

These include measures that are taken after a malocclusion has already been set in the oral cavity.

These measures aim at:

Maintaining space when there is an early milk tooth loss.
Correcting thumb-sucking habits in children over 5 yrs. of age.
Crowded milk teeth
Correcting a developing crossbite
Protruding upper front teeth
Protruding / asymmetric lower jaw

Appropriate orthodontic intervention can prevent damage from being done to the front teeth and/or gums and prevent premature wear of the teeth.

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