Pediatric Endodontics

What is pulp therapy?

Pulp is found in the center of the tooth comprising of nerves and blood vessels. They perform the vital function of keeping the tooth alive by supplying essential nutrients and oxygen.

When is pulp damaged in kids?

Trauma due to fall
Pulp therapy includes those procedures that are aimed to treat, restore and save the affected tooth.
Untreated dental diseases may give way to other debilitating conditions like stroke/diabetes in adult life.
Dental caries/cavities are largely preventable through good oral hygiene maintenance and early detection .
Small undetected cavities usually involve the pulp very early in children due to the inherently small size of the teeth. This leads to the requirement of pulp therapy in kids.

How to identify damaged pulp?

Unexplained pain that is constant Pain at night.
Sensitivity to warm and cool food.
Swelling or redness around the affected tooth.
Unexpected mobility of the affected tooth.

Why is pulp therapy important in milk teeth?

Due to lack of space permanent teeth may get impacted within the bone.
Tongue may posture abnormally.
Other teeth move into the space causing bit problems.
To save the tooth until a permanent one comes out.(Early loss of milk teeth may not leave sufficient space for permanent teeth to erupt)

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