Dental Veneers and Laminates

It’s a wafer-thin shell usually made of ceramic that is fixed over a tooth with the help of dental cement. They’re usually about 0.5mm thick.

When do u need veneers?

To mask discolored or stained teeth
To modify the shape of the teeth
To close gaps between teeth Complete Smile Designing or modification

How does it stay on the tooth?

Originally laminates and veneers are thin structures that can break easily, but when bonded to a tooth surface it acts as a laminate on a wooden plank. Because of its enhanced strength, it stays on the tooth surface.


Conservation approach as it only covers the front surface of the tooth
Very thin so naturally has a camouflage effect and merges well with the remaining natural teeth.
No need to perform a root canal procedure
Veneer surface resists staining
Can make darker appearing teeth whiter

Who cannot get veneers?

Patients with an unfavorable bite
Patients with night grinding habits/bruxers
Patients with mouth dryness

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